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Foam core or poster boards work great as white reflectors, or even a white bed sheet as a diffuser depending on how thick it is. Look around, see what else can be used to bounce the light. If you need to pick up a 5-in1 reflector or a few, you can check this one . There are several different ones varying in shape, size, and some even come with handles for a better grip.  I find myself using the reflector for outdoor sessions with natural light. I am seriously underusing my own reflectors as I don’t usually think to use it for studio work. Instead of setting up another light, I could just bring out the diffuser.  Aaron does a great job of showing how the reflector works and how he uses it for different setups. While he used mostly the diffusion panel or the white reflector, don’t forget the other sides of that 5-in-1 reflector can be used as well if you need it. For stronger light, you can use the silver side or if you want to add some warmer tones flip to gold.

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